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4:26 min.



Taking three dreams as a starting point (one for each director), Minroud is presented in the same way that our dreams develop, as a seemingly random series of events. At first glance these sequences may seem very different from each other, using the color as a thread to bind them.

Collaboration with Cinthia Reyes Barrandey and Alondra PosadaReyes

The battle for the wastelands


8:49 min.

November 2015

A glitchy machinima made using a modified Sega Genesis and "Vectorman".

Through the crumbling South Island


9:39 min.

November 2015

A glitchy machinima made using a modified Sega Genesis and "Sonic the Hedgehog".

Glitch Upon a Time in the west


15:58 min.


A glitchy machinima made using Red Dead Redemption by Rockstar Games.

Living Space

3:09 min.

May 2015.

A video I made for an Art and Concept class, treating the location as a living creature, a space that wants to be inhabited. The house used as location was left untouched by the production team so it can have it’s own traits (and some of the person that lives in that house). Shot using Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera.

Sleepy Existence


8:04 min.

December 2014

A glitchy machinima made using Sleeping Dogs (United Front Games and Square Enix)

Codex Remix


2:59 min.

November 2014


Remix I made for a school project. A remix inspired by the Fejervary Mayer Codex, using pop culture to reacreate it's meaning. North the path of death, East the path of light (duality body and soul), South the path of rain, thorn and the humming bird, West the path of women.

Nintendo Glitch System

Arduino, Remix, Circuit Bending.

1:32 min.

September 2012

A hacked Nintendo Entreteiment System  with Super Mario Bros. 3, the console was modified to have an arduino board weld to the graphic processor which sends  electromagnetic pulses to create glitches, the image was juxtaposed with a video remix of Super Mario  Bros 3 glitches (both hardware and software), the console is fully functional and was used by viewers during the exhibit.

Espacios AV

Video installation.

11:25 min.

May 2012

Video installation, three different sets were made out of cardboard for the recording of the video, each contained a television which showed the video that was recorded in the respective set, the relationship between the space and character was replicated during the exhibit by the viewer, which had to follow the character every time she changed location to follow her trail.

VJ Set


March 2011

Documentation of Digital VJ set, using web found material and the first stage of Nintendo Glitch System.

With Alejandro Morales

Analog VJ Set


March 2011

Documentation of  analog  VJ set, using a computer, projector, overhead projector, scissors, glue, water markers, magnifying glass and crystal stones.

With Alejandro Morales



9:10 min

November 2010


Two clients in a butchery extend to its limits their own fantasies when they are provoked by the butcher and the meat itself.



3:08 min

October 2010

Shot fully with a smartphone, Night is conceived with the idea of movement, to travel witout the intention of arriving, A entirely contemplative journey.


Video/Short Documentary

14:19 min

May 2010

Documentary on the adaptation process of a group of people to Christianisim

A la Salida


7:22 min

October 2009


A man stalks a girl everyday when she leaves school.

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